Audra Krell

On Purpose

In Spite of Oneself

Bestselling author Sloan Wilson once wrote "One should not try to be a writer any more than one should try to fall in love.  The only good way to do either is in spite of oneself."

Every article I have sold and/or has been published, has been written when I wasn’t trying.  The manuscripts where I have tried too hard, have all categorically been rejected.  Most days I just try too hard.  But the days and nights when I just hold the pen, those are the great days, with the most authentic and best work being born.

The times where I tried so hard to fall in love, were not good ways, and some ended in disaster.  But the time, where the man who is now my now husband walked into my life, and the feelings just fell on, in and all around me, that’s the good way to fall so deeply in love.  The forever kind of love that only God can dream up.

I’ve learned that we aren’t just in our own way when we try too hard, we are in God’s way. Crowding Him out with both elbows, trying so hard to get my way and pursue things the way I see them, only ends in loneliness and a lot of rejection.

When I just hold the pen and let the love flow through it, I experience a peace that surpasses all understanding.


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