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Monday_moments Kia Check out this little bad boy.  It’s a mini station wagon.  RocktheDesert and I got crazy and are tooling around Nashville in one of these wild machines.  It’s only ours for a couple more days though…..Ours doesn’t really look like a taxi, in that it’s blue and we don’t want anyone to notice us in it. At the car rental place, the woman asked if an "Akiarrando" would be okay with us.  We both said "What?"  And then agreed to our unknown little Spanish mobile.  Turns out she was saying a "KIA Rondo."  Didn’t know they still made Kia’s.  Looking forward to driving my HondaRondo when I get back home.

We are having a great time in Franklin, Tennessee.  Met several of our fellow conference attendees tonight and had an awesome dinner at Pueblo Viejo.  Some of the best tacquitos I have had in a long time, and don’t even get me started on the Mango Margarita.  Incredible.

Tomorrow it’s Lifework 2.0 – translation, I plan to rock my clients and fans digital world in the next few weeks.

Hang on, because I promise it will be wilder than your best ride in an Akiarondo.

This post is part of Monday Moments (MoMo) with Marty Holman.  Check out other true stories here.


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One thought on “Akiarondo

  1. I am so jealous of you going to Lifework 2.0. Have fun. Thanks for being a part of Monday Moments too! Great story, and I dig the car!

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