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Feels like it Should

Just had the most awesome time at Lifework 2.0 in Tennessee.   I learned so much that I thought my head would explode, in like a really good way.  It wasn’t the overwhelming "I don’t understand any of this" explosion.  For once, for me, it was "I really get this and it’s blowing my mind" explosion.  On top of all that, I met really great people.  Traveling with my friend Marina at RocktheDesert was a total blast.  I know how hard we laughed burned enough calories for several workouts that we somehow never got to.

And then there was the food portion of the trip.  This was my fourth trip to Nashville, but somehow I missed the good food, until now.  Franklin Tennessee has the best food I have ever had in my life.  We went to Saffire for lunch during the conference. I ordered a huge plate of chicken fried chicken with loads of gravy, and subbed the mac and cheese for the best sweet potato fries I have ever had.  It was literally almost spiritual.

Pat Green’s Lyrics to Feels Just Like it Should sums up the trip for me:

"And it feels just like it should
It must be some kind of miracle
Like I got sun on my face and rain that ain’t never going to fall
It feels so good
Man it’s almost spiritual"


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One thought on “Feels like it Should

  1. Yeah, LifeWork 2.0 was pretty awesome, and it was sweet to meet so many great people – including you, Audra!

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