Audra Krell

On Purpose

Ghost of Mother’s Day Past

Mother’s Day hasn’t always been awesome for me.  A year ago, my oldest son was in the fire on Catalina Island and had to be evacuated in the middle of the night.  A year ago, my beloved grandpa was sick and passed away a few days later.  Nineteen years ago my other amazing grandpa died. Twenty-three years ago, my father tried (unsuccessfully) to end all the pain and misery of his world – permanently.  Mother’s Day, an interesting time for the men in my life.

Ah but then there’s the good.  The true beauty and strength of Mother’s Day.  The Father behind every mother.  The nurturer of all life. 

Fifteen years ago, my 4 pound son came home from the hospital the day after Mother’s Day.  Thirty six years ago, celebrating my first mother’s day with my mom and the joy of celebrating with her ever since.  The tough, tenacious love of a strong woman.  A woman gifted by God to single handedly turn out some pretty great kids.  And then they turned out some truly incredible kids.

I woke up this morning to a decorated car with hearts, stars and a huge "Mom You Rock" painted on the windows.  An 8×10 photo that my son had printed and given to me with the most heartfelt card I have ever received.  Computer generated cards, flowers, breakfast, jewelry and hugs.

So Ghosts of Mother’s Day past, I see you.  I just choose to roll you right out of my world, because after all,  I RoCK!


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