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Watercooler Wednesday (Electronic Pollution)

Telslar_watch_4 Telslar_watch_5 These are the Philip Stein Teslar Watches.  I have a beautiful white one, but couldn’t find a picture of that one to show you.

Over a period of time, electronic pollution accumulates in our lives and can create chaos in the electromagnetic energy field in our bodies.  Everyday stress, illness, hours in front of your computer monitor and even using your iPhone at stoplights can throw even the best of us "off".

Enter the Philip Stein Teslar Watch.  The Teslar chip in the watch begins to work immediately through your electromagnetic field, the second you put it on your wrist.  The chip is like a regenerator and balances the electromagnetic field, refreshes, calms and invigorates.

As a stay at home mom to three active boys, my kids have been known to yell: "Ma!  The watch!  Go put your watch on now!"  Sometimes when I call my husband at work, whispering that "Somebody is about to lose their life if they don’t stop it," He quietly says "You’re not wearing your watch are you? Go put on the watch honey and I’ll  see you tonight."

But truly, the watch has been a beautiful thing.  I love it so much that I bought my husband one for our 15th anniversary. Sometimes he gets a little crazy when he wears it, and I have to ask him to take it off, let it rest for awhile. I would love to try more of a sportier watch.  I don’t want to work out in my current one, it’s too pretty to sweat on.

What are your thoughts on the body’s electromagnetic field?  Do you have your own ways of staying balanced without Teslar’s magical chip?

This post is part of Randy Elrod’s Watercooler Wednesday.  Check out his Ethos blog for all things creative!Wcwlogo_2


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5 thoughts on “Watercooler Wednesday (Electronic Pollution)

  1. Sounds pretty cool. I love the quote from your boys! We have two of our own and I could hear them saying that very thing to my wife on occasion. Did you order yours online or were you able to buy it locally?

  2. I have no thoughts about my electromagnetic field…all I know is there are moments when I sooooo need one of those watches!!

  3. I need that watch. Does it come in a ring or a baseball cap?

  4. I had no idea there was such a thing? I’m really curious about it. I’ve heard of guys wearing those copper wristbands, but never a watch like that. I have checked out the website, but it seems expensive. Does it really work in your opinion? Is it something you couldn’t do without? I learn something new every day!

  5. Yes Eric, in this case there really is a Santa Claus. ha ha. I am not a person that is normally in to this kind of thing. After reading the testimonies of athletes, etc who wear it, I told my husband about the watch before Christmas. He did get me one and I was stunned at the results.It does take about a week to get used to it, and wearing it at night gave me some very crazy dreams at first. Now, the watch helps me with motion sickness on airplanes, but most of all I feel a calming affect during stressful times, that definitely wasn’t there before. I would really like to try one during my work-outs, but don’t want to wear my nice(expensive) one to exercise in. Honestly, I could live without it at this point. I’m super grateful that I don’t have to!

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