Audra Krell

On Purpose

The Art of Sleep

Sleep has become like a blank canvas for me, in that it doesn’t exist unless I paint something on it.  The trouble is, I’m not that kind of artist, I don’t know how to sketch, paint or draw.

All my life I’ve been told that I think too much, think too little, think wrong, or a little too right.  When I finally answered the call to write, the thinking thing just worked itself out.  I had somewhere for all my thoughts to go, a home and desperately needed place for everything I think about.  For many months, I slept so much better.

Now my nights are filled with light dreams of myself as an IT person.  I am constantly fixing broken links, designing the next generation of Twitter, working out bugs on Vista and writing HTML code.  That is an interesting thing since I have absolutely no idea how to do that beyond starting and ending with this sign < .

After my latest sleepless night, I realized that since I have been learning all the new web applications and building new websites, my writing time and output has decreased greatly.  I think I can’t sleep because of the backlog of too many thoughts piled up once again.

At least I know what to do now.  Tonight will be better.


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