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Me and Miss Vicky

Audrawithvickybeeching This is EMI recording artist Vicky Beeching whom I met at Lifework 2.0.  Yes, she is tiny and I am not.

She has a wonderfully done blog that you can read HERE and you can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.  What I absolutely love about her blog, is that she writes it herself.  She is as smart as they come, funny and authentic.  The best word to describe her, as she would say – Brilliant!


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2 thoughts on “Me and Miss Vicky

  1. oh my gosh, I am a HUGE fan of her’s since the Saddleback worhsip conference last year!! Did you tell her you’re going this year? I love her blog too, she’s so down-to-earth.
    Thanks for your sweet words, as always. I hope we can have coffee this summer. And sing together!
    We LOVe the beach house better because it’s well-appointed. We;re only here a week, and would want a place with a better kitchen. But this place is so cute and comfortable. Better sheets, dishes, etc. It sleeps 9 and the other one, it’s ‘sister’, sleeps 12. The owner is 2 doors down.
    We also love the area, all houses around us. Pretty far from the public access parts too. But Northcoast had a sweet seclusion to it too.
    Can’t wait til Saddleback! Alex brought her guitar and we’ve been singing around our own firepit. So wonderful.

  2. Thanks for the mention!
    It was great to meet you… Lifework2.0 was awesome!!
    Love your Blog…
    Vicky : )

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