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Beach Time

Last week in Arizona it was 108.  It was miserable.  Yesterday and today it was in the 60s.  We are all freezing, but loving getting the sweatshirts and pants back out for one more weekend.  We drove to San Diego today and at some points, the outdoor temps read 52 degrees.  It is raining and really cold here, but there isn’t much that can bother me when I am at the beach.  The really weird thing though, is that EVERYONE keeps apologizing for the weather.  Like they are all taking personal responsibility for it.  Everyone pities us and gives us a sad look,apologizes repeatedly, like they know a secret we don’t.  Maybe it’s never, ever going to clear up here.

That reminds me of another misguided sympathy situation I encountered on Wednesday.  I took my new phone, which shall remain nameless, suffice it to say it’s not an iPhone, and tried to return it because it kept freezing up.  Since I was two days past the 30 day mark, they have to send me a new one, not just switch it out.  Whatever.  Glad I made that trip.  Anyway, the gentleman helping me looked at my phone with pity in his eyes.  "You don’t text, answer the phone and be on the Internet at the same time, do you?" he asked.  I said I do, and he said that no phone could possibly handle that kind of stress.  He then looked at my phone sadly and I really thought he was going to take it in his arms, pat it, and tell it the bad lady wouldn’t be hurting it anymore. It was pathetic. 

I then informed him that I was quite sure an iPhone could handle everything I’ve got, and then some. He just winked. 


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3 thoughts on “Beach Time

  1. It is always amazing how sales people react to our “technical” difficulties. Recently I sent my Shure E3 EMI’s back to the distributer. They were very helpful but the person helping me had no idea of the features of the new ones I was upgrading to. He was really surprised when I told him how these were used in churches today. I think he assumed we all played organs in church.
    As far as the weather, well there is a saying here in Nova Scotia – “wait 5 minutes and it will change.”

  2. I bet you’re loving the weather today – by the time I left la jolla yesterday, the weather was breathtakingly perfect. We spent 5 hrs walking around the village. Awesome!

  3. Glad you’re here in CA enjoying the rain and chill too. The beach was gorgeous, always is. But I must admit Disneyland is a little packed out. Oh yeah, I hear you on the phone service. Mr Man wants to wait for the new iPhone June 9, how about adding this to the tasks, a GPS!!! Hope to see you soon

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