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We Got Disappointed

I’m writing an article on children and disappointment and need YOUR help! 

Children today have been raised to believe that life is a team sport.  From preschool groups, to Toastmasters, to Little League to Youth group, everything is done in a pack.  When children don’t make the groups they try out for, disappointment has become devastating and sometimes even debilitating for some.

Remember the 8th place finalist on season 5 of American Idol?  Bucky Covington didn’t make it to the top of Idol, but he is a major country music star now.  I am sure he was disappointed to not win AI, but somehow he found his way in this great big world.

The lyrics from his hit "A Different World," are fascinating to me.

"Not every kid made the team when they tried. We got disappointed and that was all right.  We turned out all right."

So what to do when you need to help your child move on to better things?  How do you combat and ease the disappointment your child faces when they "don’t make the team?" 

I need at least ten people to respond, and Dad’s, I am super interested in your responses.  Please comment at the bottom of this post, or you can email me HERE.

Thanks in advance for your help with this! 


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3 thoughts on “We Got Disappointed

  1. I think one key in dealing with disappointments, particularly with hopes that didn’t turn out the way you wanted, is trust in God. If we know that He loves us and has a great plan for our life, a closed door simply means that He’s got something better for us. :o) It’s nothing wrong with us; it simply means that the timing or the circumstances weren’t quite right. Something much better is sure to be around the corner! Trust in His love.

  2. I really think that by staying positive about the experience and not bad mouthing the team/judges/coaches are two very important things. As parents, we try to justify things for our children: “well, you wouldn’t be on their yucky team anyways” or “coach X doesn’t know what he’s doing” etc. Stay positive, learn from it in a good way!

  3. This question has inspired a post. It’s over at Pragmatic Compendium, entitled, “sometimes, we have to do what’s required.”
    I’ve also linked back to your post here.

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