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Bored Games

This post is part of Works for Me Wednesday at Rocks in my Dryer.  Check out Rocks for hundreds of suggestions on how to beat the boredom blues.

Summer in Arizona isn’t my favorite time of year.  It is just plain too hot to be outside in the afternoon.  My boys play sports in the morning and evening, but the afternoons can drag on as we all lay around in a dehydrated stupor, praying we’ll be awake for someone’s six o’clock game.

The older my kids get, the more fun "bored" games become.  We are all Sorry champs and take great pleasure at saying the word sorry in various voices with accents.

Also we do major cleaning of their rooms.  This project can go on for many an afternoon.  We end up giving away bags and bags of toys, games and clothes.  Of course they discover all their oldish new stuff, often times not even opened, and begin to play with that. 

It’s Christmas in June I tell you. But then, Christmas anytime, works for me.


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2 thoughts on “Bored Games

  1. Very fun – “bored” games. Cute;)

  2. I love the cleaning of the room thing for finding stuff they forgot about! In my daughter’s room that can happen two feet inside the door frame!
    I like your blog! And your tagline – in our house whenever we want another person to teach us how to do something we always say, “Teach me to fish.” When I ask my husband to do something for me that I don’t know how to do, like . . . I don’t know, replace the orange plastic cord in the string trimmer – he’ll ask, “Do you just want some fish or do you want me to teach you to fish.” So, I LOVE your tag line.
    I’ll be back!
    And thanks for visiting my blog as well (redneck swimming pool)! Later!

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