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One of my big Goals

Wcwlogo_2 It’s time to gather round the watercooler at Randy Elrod’s Ethos Blog.  Go there for all things creative!

Today he asked on his site, what ONE of our big life goals are.  This is not in order, but I need to sing with a major country music star before everything is said and done.  Preferably way before.

This week if I could sing with someone it would definitely be Phil Vassar.  He just came out in April with his incredible album "Prayer of a Common Man."  Every single track is great.  He co-wrote a couple of the songs with his soon-to- be ex-wife, and the emotion on "Let me Love you Tonight" is the most heart wrenching thing I have experienced in a long time.

Phil and I don’t have to do a full set or anything, I just want to sit at the piano with him and duet on some of my favorites like "Just Another Day in Paradise" and my new favorite "My Chevrolet."

Oh Lord, hear the prayer, of this common girl.


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6 thoughts on “One of my big Goals

  1. You aren’t common – you’re crazy – and that’s why I love you – you inspire me to dream bigger, laugh longer and louder, and celebrate more!! Great post!

  2. I’m with you girl. I love me some Phil. What a fantastic song writer.

  3. thanks for the comment. i chose wordpress because it was free. all typepad had was a free trial that i could see. i just want a place to blog that’s not myspace. thanks for the info.

  4. I’m not a real country fan, but hangin’ out with the amazing guitarist Brad Pasley might be cool!

  5. Hey Audra,
    I could definitely see you singin with some country star! Keep your eyes open for opportunities and God will bring them to you. He always wants joy for his children and He wants to give you the desires of your heart. He knows they are for good too! Isn’t He awesome?! Keep up the great posts. Your new blogger friend.

  6. I’ll see what I can do Audra, but I’m not promising anything.

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