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No Starbucks and I feel like a Million Bucks

Cimg0732_edited Actually what I mean is, no caffeine.  Here are Marina aka Rock the Desert and I enjoying another day at the office. Now that Starbucks is offering free (well sort of free) WIFI through ATT, we basically can’t afford not work there. Notice that is not a Chai  Tea Latte or Mocha, but a passion tea lemonade. Day four and all is well.

After Marina left I continued to write for awhile and my personal trainer, who I hadn’t seen in two years walked in.  It was great to see him but boy am I glad I had finished my slice of pumpkin loaf.  I wouldn’t want him to think I wasn’t still following all of his fabulous workout regimes!

We got to talking about blogs and such, so watch for his new blog coming your way as he debuts his new clothing line.  You’ll see it first here!

For now it’s time for me to get writing, the perfect book proposal won’t write itself.


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6 thoughts on “No Starbucks and I feel like a Million Bucks

  1. Remind me never to wear cantalope/orange again…I’m going back to basic black. Slimming. Plentiful in my closet. Doesn’t show stains. Glad we got meet. We need to find a decent place to get frozen yogurt. Golden Spoon is not (in my past experience) what I’m craving. I want it to be icy and tart.

  2. What are you writing about Audra?

  3. Hi Marty, I am working on a 40 day devotional. My first book and I am scared to death! I am writing about how women “ain’t what they used to be boys!” How the feminist movement is shifting back to more middle ground. We do want to be taken care of, doors held open and in relationships where we are co-regents, not the head of the family. Hopefully it will be great news for the men! Thanks for asking.

  4. Audra, just wanted to pop in and check out your site. What a great picture of you and your boys in your previous post!

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