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My Best Move at Best Buy

Shopping_cart Just giving a shout out and a thank you to the person who left their cart UNDER my van at Best Buy today.  When we walked out to the car, I noticed the cart in between the rows but didn’t think anything of it.  It was just like the picture, except without the top basket.

I backed out and when I turned around to face forward, I saw that the cart had come with us.  I got out of the car and tried to dislodge it, but it was wedged underneath the front of the van.  I then had the brilliant idea to have my son go hold onto it, while I put the car in reverse.

The poor guy hung on as long as he could while I reversed and he water skied across the 120 degree blacktop.  The cart wasn’t coming out.

At that point people were starting to gather.  I finally said "tip the cart down."  As soon as my son did that, it came right out.  We were some hot entertainment this afternoon and there is no rubber left on the soles of his new tennis shoes.

So Best Buy Cart Slacker, thank you again and you owe me a new pair of shoes and a paint job.


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