Audra Krell

On Purpose

Haboob Season

After getting the mail last week I rushed inside, breathless with anticipation.  It had finally arrived!  It only comes but once a year…..the Desert Doppler Monsoon Guide. 

Being that it’s Father’s Day, you might think you know what a Haboob is.  No, it’s not your Dad getting down with all his new grill toys. It’s not even your Father-in-Law showing off his new pair of trunks at the pool block party.  A Haboob is a little bit worse than that.  It’s a dust storm.  It occurs when a giant wall of dust is created as a storm collapses.  The cold air in front of a storm flows downward very quickly, then picks up dust and sand that explodes in the air.  The wall of dust can be as tall as 1,500 – 3,000 feet and can be 100 miles wide.  Whoa.  Arizona sees about 30 of these storms a year.   I just never had a name for them before.

And now for a big shout out to someone very special to me.  We love you Grandpa Mike!  "Poppy" had a severe heart attack the day after Mother’s Day and is just doing beautifully now.  We are so glad that you are in our lives, on this Father’s Day – and always.


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