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Instant Smores

Works_for_me_wednesday This post is part of Shannon’s blog carnival HERE, head on over and see what’s working for everyone else!

Well this probably won’t be news to anyone, but you can make smores in your mouth!  Simply take a Teddy Graham, two mini marshmallows and as many M&M’s as can fit in your mouth, chew them all together and you’ve got delicious smores anytime you want!  These make an incredible mid afternoon snack when you are writing!  The chocolate sure stimulates the brain.

So to our great friends the Doans, as you make smores at the beach this week, don’t worry we won’t be sad because we’ll just make them in our mouth!  Yummy!  Since I can’t go to the beach, it will just have to work for me!


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12 thoughts on “Instant Smores

  1. That’s hilarious! You’re my kind of snacker! 😉

  2. Great idea! I am totally going to steal that with my kids!

  3. What are you writing these days? Inquiring minds want to know 🙂 .
    blessings, Penny Raine

  4. If my hips could take eating smores, I would definitely do it your way. Love it!

  5. Well now. That just sounds delightful – never would have thought of it!

  6. A very interesting twist on a classic. I will surely have to try it!

  7. S’mores in my mouth. Can I shake my head really fast for friction to melt the marshmallows?
    I’ll have to try..

  8. What a great idea! Just what I need… another treat 🙂

  9. Not bad.
    I can make chocolate milk by combining a spoon of Ovaltine and a swig of milk – and then shaking my head really fast. What else, what else…hmmm. Oh! You can eat cereal on the go by filling one cup with cereal, one cup with milk. Get a mouthful of cereal and take a drink of milk. very pragmatic.

  10. Great tip, I love s’mores so I will be trying this one soon!

  11. All of you are hilarious.
    Great idea, by the way. And, Audra, I am also curious as to what you are writing while making instant smores.
    I like your site. I linked back to you from your comment on my site and ended up laughing until my sides hurt. I’m going to try that tip this weekend.

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