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The Natural

Cimg0655 Since my gym keeps showing the same movies over and over, as if there are only five movies in the world, I have seen parts of The Natural about 60 times.  I do love baseball, so that movie is great for me. 

In the beginning, the Dad is talking to his son about how the son has a gift, how he’s a natural. Dad says he must develop the gift, because if he just goes on talent alone, he will fail.

Every single one of us has been given countless gifts by the One who created us.  I’ve spent so much time questioning what gifts I have, if I really have gifts, why they aren’t being used more and on and on.  All that time could have been used to develop the gifts and then those questions wouldn’t have needed to be asked.

Life simply doesn’t work well when you don’t develop the gifts. 

So I am off with one of the most handsome traveling companions ever, we are going to the Saddleback Worship Conference to develop and further our God given talents and gifts. 


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2 thoughts on “The Natural

  1. Audra,
    This post is timely for me. Thanks for sharing!! And enjoy your 61st rerun of some The Natural scene.
    I’m just impressed that you’ve been to the gym 60 times…I sure can’t say that!! 😉

  2. Audra: I am in search of my talents and how to use them so this is timely for me as well. See your talents as a blogger are very useful for inspiring us! Thanks for the gift!

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