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Watercooler Wednesday (Big Blog Influence)

Wcwlogo_2 Hey everybody! It’s Watercooler Wednesday!  Head on over to Randy Elrod’s Ethos Blog for all things creative!

Today I am going to take a class on integrating social media into the Church, taught by Carlos Whittaker from Ragamuffin Soul.

Obviously I have been thinking a lot about blogging and social media these days.  I have some questions for you:

Who was your SECOND biggest influence on starting a blog, after Seth Godin, Randy Elrod, Carlos and Shannon from Rocks In My Dryer?  Now that you’ve started your blog, what keeps you to writing new posts?  What is one thing that did not work for you as far as social networking?

For me, one thing that didn’t work was Twhirl.  I think it is slowing choking the life out of my 9 month old laptop.  I keep writing because I’m a writer and I know that people are always looking for whatever is next, new and different. My absolute biggest influence in blogging is God.  If I don’t write about the knowledge He has put inside me, who will?


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3 thoughts on “Watercooler Wednesday (Big Blog Influence)

  1. My two biggest influences for how to write good blogs are:
    1) Joe Hill
    2) Neil Gaiman
    I think these guys rock it out for quality creative blogs. But I find that a lot of my personal inspiration is derived from keeping an open heart, towards God and new ideas.
    I will often be listening to the radio, bumbling around Wikipedia, enjoying a new site, or talking to a friend and an idea will hit me; hopefully I have pen and paper on me to quickly get it down, otherwise I get that time of,
    “uh-huh, yep, uh-huh” as I try to hold onto the idea till I can write it down.

  2. I think the comments keep me writing. Umm I think Et Tu and Dooce are some of the people I look up to. I started pretty early in the blogging thing and no one was really around so look up to haha

  3. Basically, I had no idea what I was getting into.:)
    My sister-in-law had a blog and I thought, why not?
    I keep blogging because I love, love, love writing and I love photography and so it all plays out quite nicely.
    As far as blog networking, most of those huge blogrolls you can sign up for and link back to have never generated one hit. I let them go. Right now, I’m just letting it all happen naturally.

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