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Watercooler Wednesday (Ambrosia)

Wcwlogo_2 Hey everybody! It’s Watercooler Wednesday!  Check out Randy Elrod’s Ethos Blog for all things creative!

So raise your hand if you remember David Pack, lead singer of the band Ambrosia.  Okay, you can put them down now.  I LOVE them.  One of the highlights of the Saddleback Worship Conference was seeing David perform twice.  He changed the words to "Biggest Part of Me" and made it into a Christian song about God being the biggest part of us, it was great.  Then there was a lunch time performance in the Saddleback Amphitheater where he did "How Much I Feel," "You’re the Only Woman," as well as the Beatles "I Saw Her Standing There," and "Twist and Shout."  Paul Baloche joined the band and sang on the two beatles songs.


Just when I thought it couldn’t be any better, I realized that as an awesome bonus, David was performing with the incredible saxophonist Mr. Greg Vail. He absolutely TORE IT UP on the four different saxophones he brought with him. Even in the hot California sun, I had chills the entire time.


Cimg0741 What music recently gave you chills?


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4 thoughts on “Watercooler Wednesday (Ambrosia)

  1. Hey Audra! Yeah, Dvid Pack is cool. His brother, John, goes to our church and plays a pretty mean guitar on one of our worship teams. David did a benefit concert to help send one of our worship teams to a conference in the Philippines this past spring. Thanks for your comments on my blog. And I see you all over the blogosphere. You are quite the blogger AND commenter! 🙂

  2. Sounds like you had a great time! Kathryn Scott’s song “Will Justice Reign” gives me chills everytime I hear it. It reminds me that there are millions in this world who are hurting while most of the west looks on with apathy. I read this today: “The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit; a broken and contrite heart” Ps51:17

  3. We had an incredible time of worship in Africa last week – our translators led an entire night of worship with us – singing, dancing, shouting, praying…chills, tears, and fun!!

  4. I currently love the song “Glory” by Selah. I listen it to it almost every night! It makes me feel so close to God.

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