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Thursday Thirteen (What Makes Me Cry)

Thirteen Things about what makes Audra cry1.Some Onions 2. LeAnn Rimes version of the National Anthem 3. The song "He Knows My Name 4. Seeing my teen son go off for his first day of work 5. Listening to my teen play worship songs on his guitar 6. Watching our middle boy play baseball, especially catcher 7. Watching our youngest boy create with Lego’s 8. Seeing an old friend (So I’ll probably cry at my 20th reunion this weekend) 9. Leaving the Beach 10. Leaving my family in Colorado 11. When my family leaves Arizona 12. Getting a new car 13. Seeing any one of my men in a tuxedo

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4 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen (What Makes Me Cry)

  1. awww.. ya old softie, me too! i even cry at movies like independence day and amrmagedon lol

  2. I’m not usually one to cry for anything, but one thing that gets to me is when I see either of my kids responding to the Holy Spirit and worshipping.
    BTW… I really like your blog! I’ll definitely be back… I enjoy reading other Christians’ blogs!
    ~Be Blessed!!!~

  3. How about an old tear jerker movie? I always cry at It’s a Wonderful Life, maybe because it has a tie to where I live! Thanks fro sharing!

  4. Getting a new car would make me cry too! Heck, I’d take an old one!

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