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Bear Country

Cimg0798 This is the beautiful country I was blessed to grow up in, in Colorado.  Right in the mountains, nestled amongst the trees, whispering pines and lots of wildlife.

I was sitting in a park at the public swimming pool last night, talking with a classmate from 20 years ago.  As we were talking, my friend looked over my shoulder, squinted and then told me there was a bear.  I turned and was stunned and scared to death to see a large brown bear heading toward us.  I grabbed my purse and we ran, which I’m sure wasn’t a brilliant thing to do, but when you are learning "bear safety" you don’t ever really believe you’ll encounter one. Especially in a public place.  Well it does happen, and trust me, he wasn’t there for the class of ’88 reunion.


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5 thoughts on “Bear Country

  1. NO way! A bear? Glad you’re okay and looking so adorable in that dress!! Also glad you’re out of the mugginess. Did Keegan just love telling you about the worms???

  2. What a great picture! A real bear! That is a story of a lifetime. My husband is from Boulder! 🙂 native. Where in Co? Looks beautiful. Have fun.

  3. You look stunning in that dress – your legs are beautiful – your workouts are paying off!! I worked out this morning for the first time since before Rwanda. I’m stiff as a board. And my legs don’t look beautiful – they look white and my ankles are swollen from too many hours on planes. Is that your hotel balcony or are you staying with family? The view is incredibly beautiful and inspiring!

  4. Wow! That must have been terrifying! Have you heard about the woman who got attacked by a bear in California and drove herself to the hospital? Crazy stuff. Glad you didn’t encounter that bear up close!

  5. Thanks Gina. I have heard about that woman and I am so grateful that that wasn’t our situation. I close my eyes at night and see the bear heading toward us. My head knows that God’s got me either way, no matter what had happened, it’s just getting my body to believe it so I can sleep!

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