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Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Why Audra Loves Colorado

1. Our Family lives there 2. It cools off at night 3. Starbucks 4. Summer 5.Church in the Wildwood 6.Patsy’s Candies 7. It’s an 85 minute flight from AZ 8.Visiting at Christmas 9. The Denver Broncos 10. The Farmer’s Market 11. Our boys were all born in Denver 12. Real Mountains 13. Oh, Starbucks again!

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5 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. I sure loved living in Colorado Springs… warm days, cool nights, Pikes Peak, Helen Hunt Falls, those were nice days and all 4 of my kids were in Colorado too 🙂
    Happy TT!

  2. Hey, we have Starbucks in Texas, too! As for the rest…Uh…Not so much. Pretty hot and flat here.
    Thanks for dropping by She Lives!

  3. You make it sound very attractive! At least we have Starbucks here (doesn’t everywhere?).

  4. Sounds cool. It’s on my list, but I haven’t been there yet! Have been to AZ tho. =)
    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I’m pretty fond of Colorado myself. Wouldn’t live anywhere else.

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