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Frugal Friday (Kablinga)

Frugalfriday2756427 Our teen son recently got a job and works for iMemories. Teaching him to be frugal includes educating him on money management.  With his first paycheck coming in, it’s the perfect time to talk about tithing, taxes, budgeting, want vs. need and a host of other monetary responsibilities.  For example, come tax time, we will not be filling out and filing his return for him.  He will be doing it all.

I have found a fun interactive site online that teaches the value of work as well as money management.  It’s called Kablinga and you can check it out here. It is for tweens and really looks great with it’s online money accounts, safe forums to discuss success with other tween money managers and is completely controlled by the parents.

It’s free to sign up and then you choose your rate plan.  It’s around $60 for a year, but what a great birthday or Christmas gift. It’s something that will make a difference long after the latest video game has been won.


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