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Why Can’t We Be Friends?

Here’s a quick weekend tech tip:  Facebook has a new version out.  Go to and your Facebook will automatically be changed into the new format.

I joined Facebook a few months ago, so I just finally got used to it and began to understand the difference between my wall, superwall and funwall.  I was pretty thrown with the new design, but the great thing is you can toggle back to your old Facebook if you click the button "old Facebook" up in the right hand corner.

Thanks to my son for showing me the new Facebook.  After you and I become "friends," check out the hilarious video he made yesterday, it’s on my page and called "Worst Movie Ever Made."  My son is the one in the chicken costume, seems our family has a thing for dressing up like cows and chickens lately. 


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One thought on “Why Can’t We Be Friends?

  1. Can I say THANK YOU!!! People kept talking about this “new” facebook and I kept asking what was new about it, because mine was the same ole same ole. Now I finally get to see what the hoopla is about!!

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