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Frugal Friday (Southwest Airlines)

Southwest_airlines_logo My boys have been doing a lot of traveling as unaccompanied minors this summer.  I have found Southwest Airlines to be the best, and certainly the most frugal way to fly.  Not only do they have great air fares but there is absolutely no additional charge for minors to fly.  One other airline, previously known as America Worst, charges $100 EACH WAY for kids to fly unaccompanied.  Are you kidding me? They’d better be spoon feeding them Steak and Lobster and then rocking them to sleep, for that much money.

Southwest Airlines has always been pleasant to deal with, are usually on time and I love that if you don’t use your flight, they just bank the money and there is no rescheduling fee the next time.

My only complaint is that they lost my son’s bag back in June.  It had some items that were very precious to us and it looks like we won’t be getting them back.

You can also follow Southwest Airlines on Twitter and they have a blog.  Really good information for every traveler.

To be frugal, do whatever you can to fly Southwest, especially if you have a child flying alone.

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12 thoughts on “Frugal Friday (Southwest Airlines)

  1. We have used SW airlines the last few years when we have flown. I agree it seems much better than the others. And they don’t charge for checking bags, at least not yet.

  2. Melanie on said:

    Hi Audra,
    Thanks for leaving comments on my blog. So sorry it took me so long to get back to you!
    So, how do you make your croutons? Do you do it differently than me? I’d love to hear from you and maybe a learn a new way to do them.
    Popcorn is not available here most of the time so we sometime use croutons as finger food when watching a movie…

  3. Hey Audra! Wow… I don’t have occasion for my minor boy to fly alone, but I had no idea – $100 EACH WAY for kids to fly unaccompanied??!?!? That is INSANE. Great tip for those who do – those $$ add up FAST at that rate!

  4. I always have really great experiences with them also. I am just bummed they don’t fly out of our airport 😦

  5. Thanks for the tips!

  6. I’ve flown on Southwest and it’s a nice airline. My youngest is 18 so the minors thing doesn’t apply, but omg…$100 bucks extra? That’s ridiculous.
    As far as SW, your readers should also be sure to get their boarding passes on line, not at the airport. SW doesn’t give assigned seats (unless they’ve changed their policy recently) and you go in according the letter on your ticket–A tickets get first dibs on seats. Trust me on this, nobody wants to wait until they get to the airport for a boarding pass. If it’s a full flight, it’s almost a given the B tickets will end up between a man who smells like limburger cheese and a woman who gets airsick before you even get off the ground.
    We don’t even want to think what “C” passengers get!

  7. I cannot believe they charge an extra $100 per child. I’m thinking that should get the kiddos a private pass to sit in the cockpit with the captains πŸ˜‰
    This reminds me of a restaurant we were at just recently. If someone over the age of ’12’ orders from the child’s menu, they automatically charge an extra $2. What’s with that? It’s the same amount of food consumed!!! Who cares?
    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! However, you did miss TODAY’S frugal friday post. You posted your comment just moments prior to me putting my current post up! LOL!! You’re welcome to come back by!

  8. hmmm.
    I DO need to get with twitter dont I?
    Im so afraid it will be a big ole time suck πŸ™‚

  9. Thanks for letting us know about Southwest. I had some problems last summer when my baby sister (12 at the time) was visiting us. We got charged some outrageous fares!

  10. Thanks for the info. Southwest got no respect for a long time, but I keep hearing good things about them all the time.

  11. Rachel on said:

    I LOVE southwest! We found round trip to San Jose, CA from Spokane, WA for $99 during December! They have great rates and they are so practical. I like the no frills kinda stuff. By the way, I’ve noticed that you post comments on other’s blogs a lot. I like that about you. πŸ™‚ I think you must know how much comments make other blogger’s days! Thanks.

  12. I love SW, we have flown them exclusively for several years. You cannot beat their prices!

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