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Lizard and Scorpion Sanctuary

Cimg0818 I know it’s blurry but you can see that it’s a lizard, and it’s inside our house.  I was walking by the stairs the other day and thought I saw a large leaf. No, it was this lizard, just sitting still on the carpeted stairs, probably making it’s way toward my bed.

August is a rough month around AZ.  I thought after eleven years I was getting used to the heat, but then yesterday hit.  They said it was supposed to be 110, I think it was higher than that.  Today it’s supposed to hit 114.  It saps all your energy.

We’re finding scorpions inside the house daily now, sometimes more than once. Last night, there was one that was just a little smaller than this lizard. I had a hard time killing it, it wouldn’t die and I tore up some of the grout on our tile trying to do it.


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8 thoughts on “Lizard and Scorpion Sanctuary

  1. OMG Scorpians I dont think I would be able to sleep. 110 is hot we are at like 107 in texas yuk come on fall!!!

  2. Scorpions? Yikes! Time for some action!

  3. Ewwww…scorpions. We’ve got our share of bugs here in FL, too, though. As for the heat… it’s been around 100 here, with about 90% humidity. Yep, it zaps you. All you want to do is lay under a fan.

  4. My parents had scorpions in their house in AZ as well. Could not get rid of them, despite their greatest efforts. Well, I take that back, they don’t have them anymore, so I guess they did get rid of them. But, I remember that season a few years back when mom and I would be on the phone and all she could talk about were those FREAKING scorpions!!
    I’m so sorry. But lizzards…those are just cute and southwestern!

  5. Scorpions?! Holy Cow!!
    I tagged you over at the Land of Pink!

  6. eeeks!and I thought TN snakes were bad, scorpions?
    blessings, Penny Raine

  7. Ohhh I hate scorpions!!!!! I am sooo glad we don’t have them here in Alaska

  8. How about centipedes and geckos, that is what we lived with in HI, with an occasional scorpion in the more dry areas!

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