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My Eyes Adored You

Jersey_boys_2 A highlight of our trip to Vegas: seeing Jersey Boys, the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Season’s rise to fame.  If you ever have the chance to see this Broadway show, I highly recommend it.

A special stage has been built at the new Palazzo Hotel.  It is beautiful and fresh. The cast was absolutely incredible, I am amazed at the acting and musical talent.  The lighting was fantastic, the theatre cozy,inviting and the sound was very good.  The orchestra was excellent, always in tune and right on the beat.

I have loved the song My Eyes Adored You, for as long as I can remember.  The Four Season’s were popular in the 60’s, a full decade before I was born.  "My Eyes" always takes me back, to where exactly, I’m uncertain.  To someplace simpler, romantic and haunting.

I couldn’t wait for someone’s eyes to look at me adoringly. Fast forward to 2008 and I am lucky enough to be sitting in a threatre, holding hands with the love of my life, as my eyes adore him.

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3 thoughts on “My Eyes Adored You

  1. Auhhh!!! I saw this when I was in Vegas too and LOVED it!! As a matter of fact I was making dinner for a friend the other night and played the soundtrack on my iPod, as a serenade whilst I was cooking. I’m glad you enjoyed it as well!! Did you see LOVE by cirque de soleil?

  2. You do all the fun stuff. Everytime I check out your site your being entertained in some fun city!!! Oh to be you for a week!! Thanks for sharing about Jersey Boys. Being one myself, I’m partial to it!

  3. Love, love, LOVE Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons! I could listen to their music all day.
    It sounds like your trip was so much fun! I’m glad for you that you could get away for a bit before school starts. And I’m also glad you could take in the show with the “love of your life”. That makes everything grand, doesn’t it?

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