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Over Commitment Already

Tackle It Tuesday MemeToday I’m tackling the last weekday of summer.  That seems like a sad statement.  Why would a summer day, and one of the last ones, need to be tackled?  Well, to begin with, our vacation ends today.  We arrive back at the airport, the same time our son (who is unaccompanied) arrives from a different state.  And I’m pretty sure he’ll arrive in a different section of the airport, even though we’re both on Southwest Airlines.  After meeting our son, we go straight to the church to pick up the other two from Church Camp.  Go home, throw in the start of nine loads of laundry, and I go right back to the church for our worship team monthly dinner.

Tomorrow morning bright and early I am volunteering at the high school for sophomore registration.  Then the week continues with leading a writer’s group, attending another monthly writer’s group and a meet and greet with the other two boy’s teachers.  I’m already over-committed and school hasn’t even begun.  This does not seem like the right way to start off.

Today I have to tackle making a plan, so that the rest of the school year doesn’t go at this pace.  There are three important things to help take the reigns:

  • Prioritize  My three most important priorities are God, Family/Friend ,Time and Writing.
  • Plan  I will plan dinner menus which save money, creates family time and keeps me on the road to success.  If I fail to plan, I might as well plan to fail.
  • Praise  People around me need lots of it and that includes going easy on myself when things don’t go just the way I think they should, like when I over commit.  This also includes recognizing and respecting the good that is in all of us.

You know, it’s still early, but I can feel it’s going to be a great day!


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8 thoughts on “Over Commitment Already

  1. It sounds like a great tackle to me. I hate the end of vacations. *heavy sigh*.
    Good luck with everything.

  2. You are well on your way to being organized! 🙂 I’m tackling virtual clutter. I’m de-cluttering my blog & store. Pop over for a look.
    Confessions of an Apron Queen:

  3. oh, my. My, my, my.
    You got me there. The Three P’s. I’m writin’ it down.
    Now, if only I can stick my own vacation in there somewhere, finally, it’ll be great!
    Well, have a great day from me to you!

  4. Perfectly positive post!

  5. A busy schedule indeed…..keep going strong! 🙂

  6. A busy schedule indeed…..keep going strong! 🙂

  7. Wow, what a busy week, and coming right off a vacation! Hope you stay on track with your three P’s.

  8. It’s so sad when summer comes to an end. Great tackle though!

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