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Getting Cozi on Frugal Friday

Frugalfriday2756427 There’s nothing better than getting cozy on a Friday afternoon to kick off the weekend.  Unfortunately, with it being 105 here in Arizona, I’m not in the mood to get cozy at all.

Ah, but there is another cozy that doesn’t make me sweaty.  Just found out about it this morning.  It is an online, free planner.  Go to to check out this awesome product.

I set up our family account in under a minute and was plugging stuff in right away.  They even have a grocery list, and it can email you the list, if you forget to bring it with you.

What I love about it, is the kids can access the calendar as well.  It will be great to see what is coming up, we’ll know exactly what to pray for.

Head over to for literally hundreds of free and frugal tips.


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8 thoughts on “Getting Cozi on Frugal Friday

  1. I can’t believe it’s 105 degrees! We’ve had rain and gloom all day. Predictions maybe even for snow. Speaking of “cozy” we may build a fire and watch the Olympics tonight. There, now don’t you miss Colorado?

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog. This site sounds great I’ll have to check it out.

  3. Great tip! So glad you stopped by!

  4. 105 degrees WOW!! Up here, we have been having rain but today it was actually nice. I hope you are hanging out in the air conditioner or by a pool. I tagged for a post.

  5. How cool is this!!! I am signing up now – thanks!

  6. Keith Bender on said:

    Hi! Thx for Golden Spoon today 🙂 and how about a website for men and tips for guys? I would most def appreciate that!

  7. Hope and your family enjoyed the weekend!

  8. Hope and your family enjoyed the weekend!

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