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Dollar Tips for Writing

Dollar_bills Until the past couple of years, I never carried cash.  For one reason, I thought it would prevent me from spending money I didn’t have. Instead I just used my Debit card for every single purchase, even those under $3.00.  It made it difficult if I was out with groups of people for a meal and I became known as never having cash.  I don’t think it was an endearing quality.

Then I decided to start carrying a little bit of cash, especially as the boys got older.  I’d have a few fives and maybe a ten or two.  The teens and tweens hit and I’d have money for a day at most, sometimes only a few hours.  It was so frustrating, one boy would need $7 so he’d take the ten, and the others would need $2 or $3 so they’d each take a five. When I’d go out with friends, I’d have cash, but inevitably my portion would be $12 including tax and tip, and I’d have to put in $15 because I only had tens and fives.

So obviously I needed to get some one dollar bills.  I started doing that a couple of years ago and I have saved hundreds of dollars.  After I pay for the groceries, I get cash back, all in ones.

And speaking of dollar bills, the Dollar Store is a great place for writers! Authors have to study the magazines they want to write for.  Most of us are struggling to make $2.00 (or much less!) an hour and can’t get a subscription to every magazine or even buy several single issues of magazines.  Enter the Dollar Store.  They have some magazines, they may not be the current issue but are only a couple of issues behind.  The writer’s guidelines and editors are still current, as is the style and basic content of the magazine.

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12 thoughts on “Dollar Tips for Writing

  1. I’ve been there too – it always is awkward to be one the one sitting there without any cash when the parking lot attendant needs to be paid.

  2. Great idea! I’ve never looked for magazines in the Dollar Store. I think that warrants a Saturday trip!

  3. Aw, we only have a Dollar Tree, and they don’t have magazines. Awesome idea, though!

  4. I rarely carry cash but use to keep a few dollars in my car at all times for emergencies. It would probably help me to keep more ones for the same reasons you stated. For magazines, our local library sells outdated (1-2 months old) magazines for $.25!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’ve really been enjoying reading all the Frugal Friday submissions. My husband has also been really reluctant to carry cash, but after having to hit me up at the library (once again!) for $0.40 to pay off his fine, I think he’s coming around. 🙂

  6. I just wanted to stop by your blog and say thank you for leaving me a comment. Yes, I am pregnant with my fourth son, and I have finally come to the realization that maybe I am suppose to be the mommy of little boys instead of little girls. (lol So I guess that means I can stop trying for my mini-me.)
    I was like you, I use to never carry cash on me and now that is all that I carry. I won’t use my debit card unless necessary. I find I save a lot of money when I go out, because I know how much I have in my wallet, and I have no choice but to stay within my means. I also love going to the Dollar Store to buy magazines. They are usually just one month behind at my store, but I could care less. I am saving about $2.99 off of the newstand price.

  7. Melanie on said:

    Hi Audra,
    This is a tricky one for me as there is only one store in our town where I can use my debit card and it’s the most expensive. The black market and gas stations accept cash only. I used to be a debit card only kind of girl but Mongolia has forced me to carry cash. Would you believe that the largest bill here is the 20,000 Tugrug bill? That’s about 18.00 USD. So when I say cash I mean a wallet full of bills!

  8. I try to only use cash when I’m out, and to only keep a budgeted amount, plus maybe $5.00 in ones in my wallet just in case. I think I really do spend less if I don’t use my debit card all the time.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  9. I am the same way with carrying cash. I am always afraid I am going to spend it. But that is a good plan to carry singles. I think I would be less likely to blow money for no reason.

  10. great idea…the dollar store! duh!

  11. I have a teenager that always has her hand out…..good tips! 🙂

  12. Great tip about dollar bills. I try to carry about $10 in dollars, it really helps.
    Have you tried getting your magazines at the library. Our library will let you check them out.

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