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Monday Musings with Audra

Cimg0688 Hope it was a great Labor Day Weekend for all!

Don’t forget that today is free chicken strips day at Chick-Fil-A. Dress up in football attire and you get your own pack of chicken strips.  It’s much easier than dressing up like a cow, let me tell you!

As promised we have a winner on my Writers’ Journal magazine giveaway.  Gretchen over at Extraordinary Ordinary Life was the first to tell me that she simply doesn’t know where to begin. I think you’ll get some ideas from the magazine.  Then there is Crayl (don’t you just love her name!) over at Beyond Black and White who also doesn’t know where to start.  I remember that feeling well, I lived with it for 20 years, so I have to send her something, a back issue of one of the writer’s magazines. The tips in these are timeless. So Gretchen and Crayl send me an email with your address and I’ll get your mags right out to you.

I had a blast doing this giveaway. I really loved the conversation more than anything.  I started looking around my house and found a whole bunch of good stuff to giveaway, like more magazines, a ton of brand new books, CD’S and other surprises. Stay tuned for more. 

Anyone that wants to trade a little bit o’ link love, let me know because I’d love to!


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One thought on “Monday Musings with Audra

  1. Can I just say that I love your shirt? Where did you find it? It’s gorgeous.

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