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Arrr, It’s Yer Pirate Day!

Pirate_day_2 It’s finally here!  The day you’ve been waiting for; International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Since it falls on a Friday this year, a lot of people are partying like a pirate, well into the weekend!

When I told our pirate loving, nine year old son what day it was, he thoughtfully said,

"Well, they’re not observing that at my school."

First, what child uses the word "observing" and further why would he think his traditional philosophy, uniform wearing school even knows pirates exist much less want to celebrate them?

I told him he could talk like a pirate if he wanted to, at recess of course, but I got the feeling he won’t be personally "observing" the holiday either.

Now I have a choice to make.  I have a technology conference call with some good folks this afternoon. Should I talk like a pirate the whole time or simply sing I Love Technology from Napoleon Dynamite with or without an accent?

Don’t be scared matey, I don’t think I’ll be personally "observing" the holiday either.

Er, at least until after the call!

Have a great weekend and go here for more information:


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3 thoughts on “Arrr, It’s Yer Pirate Day!

  1. Ahoy Matey!!
    Have a great weekend Audra, and remember…
    no pillaging!!!

  2. Arr-Har-Har and a Bottle of Rum!!!!
    My daughter, my very unconventional daughter, who would NEVER be caught alive in a princess costume, is going to be a pirate for Halloween. (I Already choked down the $35.00 costume)and she loves pirates! She is in a play and one of the characters is a pirate. That is his line above. We go around the house saying it and now, we have special permission to do so. 😉 Thanks for posting.

  3. Oh definitely the Technology song!
    Wish I had been caught up on my blog reading, I totally missed out on Pirate Day…ARG!

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