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ATM Voting?

Works_for_me_wednesday Elections make me long for simpler times.  Years gone by, when we didn’t know the meaning of "dimpled chad" and mechanical lever voting machines were as easy as a penny slot in Vegas.

With November approaching, and problems with voting mechanisms mounting, we’ve tried something big here in Arizona.  We held the only large scale Internet election.  There were no big catastrophes, however there were many minor problems. People do everything from shopping for cars to banking online, it could be the voting wave of the future. Someday maybe I’ll Twitter my vote. (Follow me here: @Audrakrell)

Many people have actually suggested using ATM machines for voting.  Wouldn’t it be funny to be standing at the machine at the gas station, get yourself a $20, a sheet of stamps, a mini-statement, oh and cast your vote for President of the United States.  I wonder if there would be any fees associated with that? 

Watch out, it could be the next big money maker for the Federal Government.

Whatever the method, voting always works for me.  Head over to Rocks In My Dryer to see what’s working for everyone else!


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7 thoughts on “ATM Voting?

  1. ATM voting would sure be easier. 🙂 I like that idea.

  2. Never thought of ATM voting! I guess it’s a good idea to explore new options… How about voting at the supermarket or gas station? I really do love the idea of voting online. THat would save me a trip to the voter’s booth. I bet our children or children’s children will be voting differently than we do! thanks for posting.

  3. I’ll take the internet voting – from the comfort of my own home!!
    The older I’ve gotten, the less I use the ATM machine…does that just mean I plan ahead a little better??

  4. Some states are allowing people to start voting NOW to decrease the rush in Nov. I think online and ATM voting would be great! There’d be more people voting, and results would go directly into a computer.

  5. Well, everyone knows how to use an ATM, so there should be no complaints! (Well alomost everyone!!)

  6. Ha ha ha, can you hear the demands for a recount already? I tagged you for 7 Quirky Things on my blog! Blessings, Whitney

  7. Hey Audra,
    Definitely, we are still so old fashioned. We need to see voting done via the internet. Vote by ATM, I’ve never heard of that, but it sure sounds easier. I think it would skew the voting to a younger audience and favor democrats. If you’re voting for McPalin, that wouldn’t be good news.

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