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Frugal Friday (Micro blogging)

I just love anything in miniature form. From tiny M&M’s, to someone else’s little doggie, I’m all about the small stuff. And I heard somewhere that it’s all small stuff and that I shouldn’t sweat it.Frugalfriday2756427

My tip today is to be frugal with your blogging.  Micro blogging is talking about what you’re doing in 140 characters or less. I like to use Twitter to micro blog. You can follow the political campaigns (Obama and McCain both Twitter!) and many of your favorite celebrities as well as your friends are on Twitter.

You can follow me here: @AudraKrell. Let me tell you, you won’t want to miss a thing. We had a snake in the house on Saturday night and last night when I came home, my husband was battling a lizard out the door!  It’s a regular zoo around here…..

Here is a great video that explains what Twitter is, in under three minutes.


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7 thoughts on “Frugal Friday (Micro blogging)

  1. Thanks! I have often wondered what twitter is and now I know!

  2. Wow! Pretty cool! Have a great weekend!

  3. OK Audra, I’m about ready to bite the bullet and give Twitter a shot….it’s gonna happen this weekend.

  4. thank you thank you. I’ve felt so confused not knowing what twitter was… this clears it all up for me!

  5. I’ve actually intended to do this, but didn’t realize it had a name. It’s amazing hw hard it is to do, I just can’t seem to shut up! Maybe I’ll take one week and do a theme micro-blog thing.

  6. Thanks for posting that. I was just wondering what the heck twitter is?! Now I know.
    Have a great week!

  7. I have to admit — I’m really bad about remembering to go update what I’m doing on Twitter. I know…bad, bad, bad. 😉

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