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Seth Godin Works for Me

Works_for_me_wednesday Seth Godin is known as the most popular business blogger in the world. He is the author of ten international best sellers and the founder of

I have a short list of blogs I read every day, and his is one that I never miss. If you are serious about blogging, serious about community and most of all, serious about being a leader in the real world, Seth’s got some really important things that you need.

In a recent blog post he says this about writing:

If you’re writing a book, for example,  your goal (probably) isn’t to reinvent what it means to be a book. You’re merely trying to reinvent the words and ideas. So when it comes to the jacket and the type, steal relentlessly. Your audience will thank you, because it’s one less thing to process.

I love this, it takes the heat off of me, I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. And I’ve got way too much to process as it is. It frees me to create inside the box, which is often where a lot of really great things happen.

Seth’s newest book was just released and is called Tribes. I’ve got one brand new copy to give away to somebody ready to step up and lead. The World is in dire need of good leaders.

Leave me a comment telling me why you’re the one. Winner decided Monday.


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4 thoughts on “Seth Godin Works for Me

  1. I think a good leader leads by serving. I am a servant leader…I feel called to minister and serve to those who are “least of these” in our society. For now I do this primarily as a member of the Americorps program serving poverty stricken individuals living with mental health issues.
    I’ve been following Seth’s blog for a while, but I have yet to read any of his books.

  2. Hi, I have never herd of Seth Godin before,

  3. I am the one because I know where to led them to. I think the current financial situation will cause folks to re-evaluate their priorities in life. What really matters the most? There is only one answer for peace, true peace. To put our lives in the hands of Jesus. The harvest is nearly ripe. Are we ready?
    blessings dear sister, Penny Raine

  4. Good morning, Audra. It’s been awhile since I have been on your blog…and I have missed it! Love the advice about thinking inside that box. We do try so hard to be “original” don’t we? All the while forgetting we are trying to reach people and if we become too obtuse, we run the risk of losing their ear.
    I have never heard of Seth Godin, but you can bet I’ll be following his blog from now on.
    I’m not sure if I can tell you why “I’m the one”, but I can tell you that every moment of every day seems to be filled with figuring out, accepting, steps forward, steps back, and looking upward for answers that seems sometimes to be slow in coming. During these difficult times perhaps we should decide to do that which doesn’t seem logical. Learning and educating ourselves so we can not only improve our own understanding, but so we can also reach over and touch the lives of our neighbors.
    Thanks for this post. I needed it.

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