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Alarm Awareness

Prison_garb While on vacation last week, we got a call from our security company saying that our alarm had gone off.  The police went out to our home and ascertained that everything was fine, reset the alarm and were on their way.  We felt good that nothing was wrong and thought nothing more of it.

Then the mail came. Two separate statements charging us for not having a permit to use the alarm and for them responding to the false alarm.

I am stunned. I need a permit to use something in my own home? What we pay the security/monitoring company isn’t enough? And then if something does happen and we haven’t been robbed blind by a criminal, I have to pay the city anyway?

Never fear my friends, there is a way for me to forego this first offense and it’s steep penalties.

I can attend, wait for it….

"Alarm Awareness School"    – Seriously. 

For just a few hours of my time, I can learn how to lessen false alarms. That however, is several hours I would never get back. So I will somewhat bitterly pay the fines and probably never set my alarm again, as the rates go up everytime something sets the alarm off and no harm is being done.

They are kind enough to not charge you if your house is on fire or if you’re robbed. That’s a different section of the City that penalizes the homeowner, unless you want to go to "Burglar Awareness School," to find out how to lessen robberies in your home. Don’t forget though, to get a permit to not have your home broken into or burned, because that’s a real inconvenience to others.


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6 thoughts on “Alarm Awareness

  1. That’s crazy! I guess I better check our city policy. I am glad to hear about the fire department. Ours went off one day and when the fire department arrived, our neighbor thought that maybe he saw smoke coming out of our master bedroom bathroom window located upstairs. We don’t have air and had a fan in the window, so the fireman proceeded to climb up and get into our house through the bathroom window and check out our house. Fortunately nothing was wrong and they were able to finally contact us on our cell phone! I think it’s a crime to have to pay for a system and then for the response of the police to respond. That seems like an injustice. Just my two cents.

  2. That is absolutely ridiculous! you should not have to pay for the police to come check that out. that is their JOB! You pay that with your taxes. I’d fight this if I were you. Or at least write a very aggressive letter. 🙂

  3. Wendy: Hi! I was just kidding about the fire department,as well as burglar awareness school, I pray they wouldn’t charge us!
    Alexandra:When I tried to fight it I was introduced to the “Alarm Awareness Class” as my only option to not pay.

  4. Ginger on said:

    OMG! Please tell me this is only in your area, as I soo don’t to have the same problem in my future. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll try and find out what our provisions are.

  5. You are kidding me!!!!!!!! That is absolutely ridiculous. I am aghast.

  6. That is ridiculous! I wonder if that is everywhere or just where you live? You should leave some telling evidence out. Like trampled bushes and jimmied window jams to look like someone might have broken in. Or how about charred grass and then your neighbor can say they ran over and put the fire out.

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