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A Happy Man

Happy_man_psychic_yellowpages It’s time again for another post directed toward the men.

Look at this man. Sure he’s got a receding hair line and has to do a comb-over but he’s also wearing a great suit and can still jump pretty high for an older white guy. Best of all, he’s got a genuine, bright smile. And it’s not from Crest whitening strips.

No, this guy is so happy because he’s finally kicked his approval addition. He isn’t seeking approval from things and inappropriate relationships. He knows he’s loved and respected.

How does he know these things? Besides believing that God loves him, this guy’s got a family that tells him he’s loved, valued and respected every single day, in many different ways.

Here are three ways you can do the same for the men in your life:

  1. If you want the boys/men in your life to feel respected, you’ve got to treat them respectfully. If you don’t, how could they possibly feel anything else? Also if you don’t, you can bet your last dollar that they will go somewhere else, anywhere else to find that approval and respect.
  2. Helping men to understand that they are truly intelligent starts and ends with pointing out specific areas of intelligence to them.  A man’s ability to separate and reason out facts, takes a lot of wisdom and self control. Point out that you notice and respect that.
  3. Being a friend to your boys and husband tells the world that you value him as a person and demonstrates love to other women in your life like daughters, mom’s, and in-laws.

So those are just three of five hundred ways you can help our men stay off the perfomance treadmill and live loved. Men are great and they need our help, it’s certainly not going to come from the culture. And if the world won’t love them, who will? 

It’s up to us ladies and we are just the women for the job.


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2 thoughts on “A Happy Man

  1. Hey, you brightened my day today Audra! I’m starting today off as a happy man, because of you!
    The thing is, though – we, as men – must also remember to lift up the women in our lives too. It’s a two way street. And this reminds me I should make sure my wife knows just how much I love and appreciate her…
    Thank you!!

  2. I thought this was a fantastic post. Men don’t show it, but they want to feel valued and appreciated and respected. That is a gift I give to my husband… and it is a gift that keeps on giving. The more he feels secure in my respect/appreciation for him, the more he gives me back. Have you seen Fireproof yet? just another validation of your post. Thanks for taking the time to post this.

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