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Via Pedometer

Pedometer  This is my pedometer. It is my friend. Yes, it's pink, because in a house full of testosterone blue, I have to do whatever I can to retain a little femininity.

I was really uncertain if my pedometer and I were going to be friends or not. I  don't need one more thing to monitor what I'm not doing. I've got three kids, a dusty house, dirty car,a few loads of laundry and a writing mentor for that.

We clicked right away however. Pinky motivates and excites me. I'm always trying to make and break my 10,000 step goal, every day. My settings might be a little off, as sometimes she counts it as four steps just for clipping her on. I have lost three pounds since we met though and there is no way she could be manipulating that!

She loves me. And I love her. And as you know, a little love always works for me.

Who else has a pedometer success story? Please tell us how long you've been in relationship, how many steps you take together per day and what the results have been.

Head over to Shannon's at Rocks In my Dryer to see what's working for everyone else.


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5 thoughts on “Via Pedometer

  1. Sadly, Audra – I have no pedometer story at all. I’m a failure (okay, that’s probably a bit harsh)! But I can relate to the three kids, dusty house, dirty car, dirty dishes, empty refrig life…I’m there with you on that one all the way!!
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  2. I have an Omron pedometer that I got from Amazon. I love it! Pretty darn accurate and you can even keep it in your pocket or purse!
    Recent blog post: Elf on the Shelf

  3. Boohoo–I had a great pedometer and it really motivated me to move! But it poked me in the hip when I sat down, so I took it off…and it promptly fell into the sixth dimension. Seriously, I haven’t seen it in months and I’ve looked and looked.
    I suppose I should buy a new one. Then it’s sure to reappear in our own plane of existence, LOL!
    BTW, if you’re hitting 10,000 steps a day, good for you! The closest I ever got was 9,000 (I average 6,000) and that was because I was on a treadmill during a stress test.
    Recent blog post: Shadow’s Meme

  4. If I get a pedometer, I’ll have to drop blogging, won’t I? Somehow I can’t see the three of us getting along. Sorry, couldn’t resist. . .
    Recent blog post: Of Children, Strength, and Sponges

  5. Great, here I am surfing through bloggy world, and what are you discussing… a pedometer?? Yes, I used to have a pedometer, and palates was my friend. Now your little post has served as a simple reminder to no longer ignore my need to get reacquainted with WWFM… (more on that later).
    Of course, I am learning balance in your step is also important while you’re walking. I prefer a daily 30 min. walk. (As well as your workout regimen.) This is a lot easier than monitoring steps, unless you just wear it throughout the day, and go from there. The key is to move quickly.
    Interesting tho, will have to look this one up.
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