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American Idol Last Night

Scottmacintyre_128_(2) I read that the average American watches four hours of TV per day. That is a long time. I can honestly say that isn't true in our home, even with three teen/preteen boys in the house. I personally average four hours per week of TV. That said, this week has been almost overwhelming to me with the return of my beloved Jack Bauer of 24 and not one, but two nights of American Idol, which will keep me busy until the winner is announced in May!

Speaking of winners, Scott MacIntire began his inspiring journey with American Idol last night. He and his family attend our Church here in Scottsdale. Scott is a fantastically talented, amazing man of God. He has blessed me time and again with his music, the most recent being Christmas Eve where he sang and played the piano. I hope he goes all the way, and I encourage you to check out his story here.


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8 thoughts on “American Idol Last Night

  1. Scott ALL THE WAY!!!!

  2. yay! now I have somebody to cheer for!

  3. We’re not big TV watchers either, but watching American Idol is a family activity in our house. It’s the only show we all watch together and one of only three shows FirstHusband and I follow this time of year. The other two are Big Bang Theory and Grey’s Anatomy.
    I’ll be watching for your friend, Scott!

  4. Just enjoyed reading over several of your recent articles, Audra. That’s pretty great that you know somebody who’s competing. Wasn’t the person who won last year (or was that the year before already) from Phoenix?

  5. Thank you Jonathan. Yes, Jordin Sparks is from Glendale, AZ. Maybe the magic will happen again!

  6. Ginger on said:

    Awesome! It’s so cool that you actually Know someone from AI. Hope all goes well for him, wherever God may lead. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. American Idol is a favorite around this house. We are not big TV watchers but this one seems to keep the attention of each of us.
    I cannot believe you actually know one of the contestants. That makes watching the show even better.

  8. That’s pretty cool, having an Idol contestant you know personally. You’ll have someone to root for.

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