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ReCreate Conference

IMG_0123This week I have the honor and privilege of being at the ReCreate conference in Franklin, TN. Yes, it is -4 with the windchill right now, but the conference is worth every second of the freezing pain. People have come from all over the world, I've met friends from Peru, Egypt and Ireland, as well as several people from California, Kentucky, Michigan and even Hilton Head.

This is an incredible group of people doing ministry because they love God. They are totally sold out to Jesus, just like Michael W Smith is in the picture above. He led us in an amazing time of worship.

 Having a heart that is totally sold out to God, always works for me.

Head over to Shannon's at Works for Me Wednesday, to see what's working for everyone else!

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7 thoughts on “ReCreate Conference

  1. Hi Audra,
    What an awesome event to attend! Our God is amazing…and so are you Audra!
    (and…I say…enjoy -4!!!)

  2. Negative four in the South???? So much for global warming, LOL!
    Audra, you can e-mail me at lufmikidz at aol dot com. Not sure you’d be into my first 12 books, which were supernatural/horror novels. (Nothing really awful, though–my friend calls them ‘light horror’.) But I bet you’d enjoy my last 3, written for middle-grade readers about immigrant children. I did enjoy writing them, but that market has died out. Everything in this business is cyclical, so I’m sure I’ll be writing historical fiction for kids again one day, LOL! Meantime, I keep plowing away at the mystery novel–I’m happy to tell you I wrote five pages this morning!

  3. my goodness, if it were Christian-like to be jealous of your awesome experience, then I would be, but instead I’ll be happy for you and believe in faith that He is showing you evermore the depth and width of His love for you. blesssing upon blessing! annie

  4. Ginger on said:

    Yea, you’d have to be sold out to freeze like that! What a blessing for you and those you met! Great post.

  5. Hey! Wait!
    I just clicked in per my usual sporadic visit and saw the lyrics on the Power Point in the photo.
    My band does that song, too! Very cool!

  6. @Carol@SheLives – YES! It is such a great song. My son told me about right before I left for the conference, and I didn’t know it, and then two days later I find myself listening to MWS sing it!
    @Ginger Yes, there is much I would do for God, including freeze to death!
    @Annie Thanks for the blessings, I so appreciate them!
    @Mom2Fur I love finding out that you are a writer. I knew I liked you!!!
    @Lance You are always so kind. Right back at ya!

  7. Susan Tuten on said:

    oo, wish i had known about it! my best friend lives in franklin! would have loved to go to that. maybe another year?

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