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Look who’s in SWEAT magazine


Yep, you guessed it, Steve and I are featured in the February issue of SWEAT magazine in the "Zonies Train Together to Remain Together" on page 14. The entire magazine is great and you can download the February issue of SWEAT for free, HERE

Here is the article:

Audra and

Steve Krell




The Krells – Audra, 38 and Steve, 40 – have

been together for 24 years. The Scottsdale

couple has three boys – 15- , 12- and 10-years old.

Audra, a freelancer, and Steve, a Chief

Financial Officer, met in a candy store in

Manitou Springs, Colo. Prime family activities

are hiking, working out, playing golf and

going to movies.

The Krells say that golf became a major

family fun pursuit when their middle son

was 4-and-a-half and his Grandfather was

teaching him the game. The grandson proved

to be a natural.

“Steve and I knew we needed to learn to

play golf before our boys passed us by,” she

says. “We had so much fun learning the game

together and discovering Arizona through its

golf courses.”

Audra points out that a few years ago,

she and Steve made a pact that they were

not going to live separate lives and began

by scheduling workouts together. Daily they

wake up early and head to the gym with

Steve driving so Audra can eat her oatmeal.

Side-by-side on elliptical trainers, they chat

and catch up on family life. Before 8 a.m.,

they’ve exercised and spent quality time


The Krell’s advice to couples is to follow

in their footsteps and invest in quality time

together every single day.



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16 thoughts on “Look who’s in SWEAT magazine

  1. GOOD for YOU!!
    PinkGirl’s not quite ready for both of us to leave the house while she’s sleeping – but she’s getting there. I work out during the day and try to get FirstHusband to walk with me whenever I can. As PinkGirl gets older, I know we can do more.

  2. How COOL is that!!!
    You guys are awesome!
    Recent blog post: Smile!

  3. Exciting stuff! Congrats!

  4. My wife and I try to do Yoga together, hiking, walking the dog, and writing exercises. It keeps our minds fresh and filled with new ideas. My wife and I have only been married for 2 years, but we still have to be aware of getting too comfortable. We make sure to do stuff together that engages and creates dialog.

  5. What a wonderful testament to spending time with your mate even if it is “blood, sweat, and tears” (hee,hee). I think it’s wonderful the commitment you have made, not only to your spouse, but to staying healthy. I am blessed by your post!

  6. You can’t argue with results like that. I wanna be in a magazine too! 🙂

  7. Lead and change the world by example 😉
    It’s great to see a happy family ;).
    It’s even greater you share your family success with the masses via the media. Real world examples are the best to prove any concept. It shows it works and it inspires other to do the same and not give up.
    Good stuff!

  8. Very cool! What a fantastic couple! You two are the same ages as my wife and I. 🙂

  9. What an inspirational story. Human beings underestimate the power and consequences of deliberate intention. To choose to be happy enables individuals to remain happy, regardless of what they choose to do.
    Recent blog post: 13 Illusions to shake up your awareness

  10. That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Thanks for everyone for your great comments. Being intentional with your spouse really makes all the difference. I also believe in being the change I want to see in the world.

  12. That’s just awesome, and what a cute photo! Mike and me…we’re polar opposites when it comes to exercise. He works out/runs/weight trains 5 days a week. He’s in amazing shape for a guy who’s 54. Me…not so much. But I’m trying! Picked up some weights here in the house yesterday and used them. Mike’s going to buy me a recumbent stationary bike, which is good for my back (I used one in PT). It’s going to replace my living room recliner.
    I think it is so wonderful you guys work out together. I could never keep up with my husband!

  13. Look at you! You are a celebrity : ). Yipee!

  14. I’ve never even heard of SWEAT magazine, but then again, you’d be hard-pressed to find me: 1-outdoors; 2-hiking; 3-golfing; 4-working out side-by-side with Dan on a stairmaster; 5-intentionally involved in a sweat-inducing-activity-in-Phoenix; 6-reading about others sweating, oh the list could go on and on! How cool that you are featured with Steve – and is that Landon trying to melt into the rock?

  15. @Marina You are hilarious! This is not the actual photo that was in the article, but one where we are “outdoors.” Yes that is Landon! So funny.
    @Mom2Fur It’s so easy to work out on ellipticals together, no one can tell that I’m not keeping up with Steve! Running together, that’s a different story. He does a fast walk to my jog!

  16. Wow, Audra, I haven’t checked your blog in awhile, but in my absence, you have hit it big! 🙂 very cool. and I learned something about your family in the process. Candy store? How sweet!

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