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For These Tough Times

For the Tough Times I've recently read the ever appropriate book For These Tough Timesby Max Lucado. Some days it feels as if our world is falling apart. From disease, to famine, to the plunging economy, we all face tragedy at different times throughout our lives.

    Lucado's book answers the question on all of our hearts: when everything is falling down around us, what are good people to do? Through For These Tough Times we remember that God is still in charge and that He loves us no matter what. We don't have to wait for a better day, a better way or to clean up our act. He is there for us every minute, every second of the day, no matter the circumstance.

I highly recommend this quick read and it makes a great gift for people going through hard times. I should probably order a case of them.


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One thought on “For These Tough Times

  1. Hi Audra,
    Thanks for the recommendation! Sounds like a winner, I’ll have to check it out. The idea that God loves us no matter what is a pretty comforting feeling – especially on the dark days that we cross paths with…

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