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Daisy Chain Review and Interview


Daisy Chain by Mary DeMuth is by no means an easy book to read. It isn't for the faint of heart, or the reader looking simply for a feel good story. It is however, for people searching for gritty reality, coupled with the most important thing of all; hope.
It takes a brave author to not tie her story up in a pretty bow. So much fiction today is only about implied, glorious Christian living. The truth is, life is hard and reality on earth isn't always glorious, even for Christians. We need authors like Mary to tell us God's truth, especially through fiction.
It is imperative that the hope of Jesus Christ is revealed in every story, because that is reality as well. Mary DeMuth does a fine job of revealing our only Hope through Daisy Chain and I'm sure the next two novels will not disappoint.

Mary was kind enough to provide a great interview on writing.

How did you get involved in writing?
I’ve been writing since college when the bug hit me. I wrote my first short story about a missionary going to Russia (when it was firmly encased behind the iron curtain) and having to do all these clandestine things to share the gospel. I’m embarrassed to write this, but the piece started with these four words: Thump, thump, thump, thump (representing the protagonist’s heartbeat, of course).

I’ve been actively writing since 1992 when my daughter Sophie was born. I created a newsletter that helped moms manage their homes. I bought my first computer from the proceeds. I also designed and edited church newsletters, wrote homeschooling curriculum, and even wrote a script for an ultrasound training video. Soon after, short stories started flying out of me. When we moved from East Texas to Dallas for my husband to go to Dallas Seminary, I decided to get serious. I met my friend Sandra Glahn then, a professor at the seminary and a published writer. She shepherded me through the query-letter-writing process and has been an incredible cheerleader.

In 2002, I wrote my first novel. In 2003, I signed with an agent, then signed two nonfiction books. Since then, I’ve had five books published (those included), Daisy Chain being my sixth book. The first novel I wrote is yet to be published.

How do you find time to write?
I make time to write. I give myself word count goals every day. While my children are at school, I work full time. Lately I’ve been writing and promoting like a crazy woman, pulling 10-12 hour shifts. Even so, it’s a priority for me to have a sit-down dinner with my family every night. It helps that I love to cook.

What do you enjoy most about the writing process?
I love the initial flurry of words on the page where I’m uninhibited. I love fleshing out a story as it comes to me. I see my novels on the movie screen of my mind, which may account for the visual nature of my narratives.

What was the most difficult aspect of the writing process?
I am not in love with rejection.

I also don’t cherish rewriting. But it’s a necessary and important evil.

What would you say to someone who wants to become a published author?
Here’s the analogy you need to memorize and internalize: Beginning the publishing journey is like wearing a sweatshirt and toting a sack lunch at the base of Mount Everest, thinking, Hmm, this should be a breeze!

In addition: know you are called. Know you have talent. Know you’re full of tenacity. All three things will help you succeed along the journey.

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6 thoughts on “Daisy Chain Review and Interview

  1. Thanks for sharing this interview with Mary!

  2. Thank you Audra, for another great book I am sure I will be picking up soon!

  3. Thank you for highlighting Daisy on your blog. I really appreciate it! You have a beautiful blog!
    With joy

  4. Thanks for this post. It was encouraging and made me think in entirely new directions.
    Also, thanks for your ongoing bloggy friendship. Your comment over at my place a few days ago was so kind and sorely needed that day. God knew as He always does exactly what we need, when we need it.

  5. Hey … just stopped by to say “hi”. And looky who’s been working hard! 🙂 Thanks for posting the interview and info. Great stuff.

  6. Another fantastic review! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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