Audra Krell

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I cried tonight


Oooooh, they let my boy go on American Idol tonight. Since we go to Church together at Scottsdale Bible Church, I feel like he's one of my own. I wish Simon would have saved Scott. I'm confident however, that Scott is going to be just fine.

He was saved a long time ago.


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2 thoughts on “I cried tonight

  1. I don’t watch American Idol, but I would bet getting this far will really help Scott. I mean, can you imagine how impressive “American Idol Finalist” will look on his resume?

  2. Oh Audra, I know how you feel. We just have a “momma” heart all the time. Amen?
    But I love yout statement that he was saved a long time ago. And that is most important! God has plans for Scott. Just look at Mandisa! What God has planned, no one, no one can stop or block! GO SCOTT! GO GOD!

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