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Listen Mom, I’m Tweeting!


It's been a regular infirmary around here for weeks. Each boy has caught various viruses,now my husband is sick and today my throat is very sore.

The latest lad to go down was our youngest. I had him at the Doctor yesterday, because of a high fever and barking cough. This is how "in" to social media the fam is:

    Cough, bark, high pitched wheeze.

    "Listen Mom! I'm not barking….I'm tweeting, just like on twitter!"

And sure enough, he wasn't barking anymore, the wheeze sounds just like a certain little bluebird……

I tell you, it makes a mother proud.

But seriously, if you're not on twitter, get on. It's free. I have received two radio interviews and countless writing connections, all because of twitter.

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3 thoughts on “Listen Mom, I’m Tweeting!

  1. Very funny! Twitter wheezing! Hopefully your family will pull out of this sickness soon.

  2. @Paul Thank you, it’s been going on for weeks now…must.end.soon…..

  3. 🙂 So cute … love it.

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