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He Still Sticks Around

Empty Tomb I'm excited to announce a new series, a framework we'll be exploring for an indefinite period of time.

There isn't a more perfect time to launch the new series, than Easter weekend. See, the topic is:  



Not all abandonment is negative or bad. Abandonment begins with the empty tomb of Christ.

    "…because you will not abandon me to the grave," Psalm 16:10

    Because of the abandoned tomb, because Jesus is resurrected, I have the promise of eternal life. If He had stayed in the tomb, I wouldn't be writing this now.

    I have been abandoned in my lifetime, have knowingly walked away from bad relationships and I'm certain I have abandoned others without realizing it. Even so, God has never left.

He still sticks around.

Because I'm so deeply grateful for this and for the things He has taught me, I'm writing a book on abandonment. I'm speaking to groups on abandonment, blogging about abandonmentand hosting conversations about it, here at Krellfish. Watch for guest authors and deep, authentic discussion about every aspect of abandonment.


You are needed here and I look forward to the journey.


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2 thoughts on “He Still Sticks Around

  1. What a tough subject that a lot of people are afraid to talk about. They don’t to talk about it because it brings painful memories to the forefront.
    I agree not all abandonment is bad. It’s how we use the experience. We can let it weaken us or make us stronger. It’s our choice.

  2. This is powerful, Audra!

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