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Men and Women of Steel


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    So here's the truth; Superman has never abandoned us. Born of The Great Depression, he came as a source of comfort to children and adults alike.

    I'm anxious to see not what, but whom, will rise up out of these economic ashes we're sorting through today.

    We're all holding out for a hero. But who says it has to be just one?

    How about a lot of heroes? What if you play the part?

    You've got everything you need, for just such a time as this. Everything you need to not abandon ship, but to press in closer,

to be the hero the world needs.

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Heroes always work for me!




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4 thoughts on “Men and Women of Steel

  1. I agree. I think if we all did our part this country wouldn’t be in the condition that it’s in. And that’s all I better say about that! LOL.
    Blessings to you.

  2. Ginger on said:

    Love the whole superhero thing.
    Good post.

  3. I agree; we all need to do our part to make things better!

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