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Wednesday April 22 is Earth Day. Which I kind of don't understand. Aren't we all getting it that every single day needs to be Earth day? It isn't like Christmas, every day can't be Christmas, but every day could be Love the Earth day.

Sometimes it's still hard for people to know what to do to support Earth Day, but I think it's all about your piece of the pie. Start small, tend to the garden in your own back yard. I'm not talking about a literal garden, but am referring to you making difference in your own community.

Take me for example. I'm on the patch, (Lil Green from Facebook) annoying side effects, but saving the Rainforest nonetheless. I also drank a drink last week called Simply Greens. It tasted like the inside of a lawn mower bag, but I drank it so that my body can be healthy enough to take care of our Earth.

I'm truly passionate about recycling plastic bottles, something like less than 12 percent of those bad boys get recycled. Not in this house! And even though we're not supposed to, we reuse our bottles several times before recycling them. Last week my ten year old carried a bottle for a mile so that he could recycle it at home, rather than throw it away. That is perseverance and a kid that's going get the next thing he asks me to buy him, no matter what it is…….well not really, good thing he doesn't subscribe to my blog.

Go here to take a test to see how you can reduce your Carbon Footprint. And try the patch, you just might like it. Head over to We Are That Family to see what everyone else is up to on this Works for Me Wednesday.


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2 thoughts on “Greens

  1. I have a tall laundry basket on my deck, where I put deposit bottles and cans. I need to empty it out soon, and get my three or four bucks, LOL! (I also have a recycle bin for non-deposit plastic and glass.)
    I also re-use bottles. I figure if I’m the only one using the bottle, and only do it a few timesm, I won’t keel over and die.
    Tell your 10-year-old I think he is awesome!

  2. Oh, btw, thanks for asking me to be a guest on your blog, but I have to pass. It’s just not something I’m comfortable doing, as I only know what I saw of that family, not the whole story. Hope you understand!

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