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With Abandonment

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It's amazing how many times we act with abandon.  In a child, playing with pure abandon is beautiful and joyous, in adults it can be downright childish.

Such is the life of a shopper who often gives in to reckless abandon and is always spending money. You know the kind, something good happens, so he goes out needing a caffeine or food fix, a clothing shopping spree or just one more big gadget. And it feels so good, so she super-sizes the crave and gives into the "more of everything is better" way of thinking.

There is help for this way of life, for what has become know as the American Way. It's called Shopping Nut and it helps you save money on everything, even dining out while traveling.

Head over to We Are That Family for hundreds of frugal ideas!


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3 thoughts on “With Abandonment

  1. I’ve seen this look before…
    OH WAIT! I’m surrounded by females! I think I’ve seen it in the mirro. I KNOW I’ve seen it on my daughters.

  2. Ginger on said:

    Hey, Rena and I wanted to a invite you to a special Wedding Web-Shower on behalf of Jenifriend of Enjoyer of the Journey. Paste the following link in your browser to view the details and join us on the 14th of each month.
    Thank you and be blessed.
    Rena and Ginger

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