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Kindle DX

Amazon unveiled the newest addition to the Kindle Family today, the Kindle DX. Available now for pre-order, you're gonna want to get in line for this one.

Amazon's new addition is anything but a baby with the screen spanning 9.7" of diagonal e-ink. With 16 shades of gray, the Kindle DX reads just like a newspaper. Not only does Amazon offer over 275,000 books, but several US and International newspapers and favorite blogs are delivered via wireless connection in under 60 seconds.

With Amazon's new newspaper offerings, they just might save the sinking newspaper ship. As a writer, this is good news. And as a reader and lover of the printed word, this is great news.


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One thought on “Kindle DX

  1. I saw this the other day. It looks really cool, kinda the concept of a Mac book or something. I will just stick with my iPod Touch. lol

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