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Abandoned Inside

_MG_25151resized This stunning photo courtesy of Margie Hurwich Photography.

I saw The Soloist the other day. Very interesting movie. At the end a statistic was shown stating that there are 90,000 homeless people in the greater Los Angeles area. I wondered how many of them are children?  A lot I would imagine.

We're all familiar with different ways we can help the homeless population. We must keep a vigilant eye however, over the children in our own lives. We can abandon them and still breathe the same air. Meeting their needs for food, clothing and shelter aren't enough. They need our emotional presence and availability, their whole lives through.

Our children may not look like this little girl on the outside, but let us not forget to keep a heart watch at what's on the inside.


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5 thoughts on “Abandoned Inside

  1. That photo is so sad! ):

  2. It’s a great photo, indeed a great work of art, but it can’t begin to address the drama of street children. This girl skin is smooth. I led once a 14 y/o street boy by the hand in Romania, and it felt like sandpaper. It was the bugs -I personally got some of these-, the weather, the malnutrition, the accidents, the violence, the aurolac (cheap drug), even the vodka.
    But above all it was the indifference of passers-by.
    I have no idea about the situation in the US is; but I can tell you the first thing a child need, a human being, are eyes that see, and hands ready to help and hug.
    So thank you, thank you for this post. You made my day.

  3. Audra, what a needed point you’re making. We can buy things to make the outside look good, but we can’t buy what’s on the inside. That takes love and caring. The photo along with what you’ve written, are a stark reminder that this look can come from within too. If we are not aware of what’s going on. This photo is difficult to look at – it so strongly shows desparation to me – and yet, how many others have that same desperation, and we can’t see it with our eyes, only our hearts?

  4. A perfect post for the mother’s day weekend. We cannot take our mothering duties lightly.

  5. Audra — This post struck a chord for me. Growing up I had everything a child could want…except for someone to nurture and be there for me.
    You are so very right that we must remember not only to care for the outside, but, as you said,”…let us not forget to keep a heart watch at what’s on the inside.”
    Thank you!

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